About me

       My journey in beauty started in 2011 in Moscow. I discovered makeup while studying Fashion Design and Art History and I immediately understood that I wanted it to be my profession. I started my career at MAC Cosmetics as a makeup artist and then as a Resident Trainer helping other makeup artists to develop their skills.

Then a new direction in my career began in 2015 when I moved to Paris and I pursued a new career as a freelance makeup artist and since then hairstyling artist. 

      I am now based in Paris, working across the beauty and fashion industries. My goal when working with clients and real people is to create a personalised beauty service, empower women and giving them confidence. And when I work as a part of a team of creatives for brands, I always try to create a unique approach with each client based on both our vision of beauty and values.

    I’m happy to be a part of the rich, intense and multicultural creative life of Paris. It’s a big source of inspiration for me. Other inspiration is a natural and diverse human beauty, all form of arts, nature and the beauty industry that gradualy becomes more sustainable and healthy. And I proud to have a possibility to support this change with my choices in projects and collaborations.a