Hi, I'm Ekaterina

   My journey in beauty started in 2011 in Moscow. I discovered makeup while studying Fashion Design and Art History and I immediately understood that I wanted it to be my profession. I started my career at MAC Cosmetics as a makeup artist and then as a Resident Trainer helping other makeup artists to develop their skills.


   Then a new direction in my career began in 2015 when I moved to Paris and I pursued a new career as a freelance makeup artist and since then hairstyling artist. I have had 10 years of expansive experience in Russia and France. This includes collaborations with Lalique,  Melvita, L’oreal and Chanel, participation in fashion shows such as Elie Saab and with famous clients as Natalia Vodianova.


   I am now working across the wedding and fashion industries. My goal is to create a personalised beauty service, empower women and giving them confidence.  I develop a unique look with each customer based on both our vision of beauty.